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Corporate Translation

Whether you have your own small business, or large corporation, we specialize in assisting our clients with business related translations such as new contracts, corporate meeting notes, documentation and more.

Internal communications

Press releases

Corporate meetings


& more

Marketing Translations

Starting a business is never easy, and reaching out to a larger audience can be difficult. With our assistance, we can be confident that customers of all languages will be able to utilize your services.

Video scripts 


blogs. channels & more

Legal Translations

Legal documents can be confusing, however at Denise Beker Languages we focus on delivering fast, accurate and efficient legal translations. With accreditation from the MCIS (Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration), you can be assured you will receive professional assistance with your documentations and certificates.

Internal communications

Press releases

Corporate meetings


& more

Medical & Life Science Translations

With training in Medical Translation, we make the intimidating process of completing medical and life science forms and documentation easy.

Clinical protocols

Clinical trials

Data sheets

Instructions for Use (IFU)

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Pharmacological studies

Psychiatric, psychological & medical assessments

Regulatory documents​

Multilingual Translations

We live in a diverse society connected by a global market, that is why it is becoming more important to be able to connect to a larger audience. For that reason, we offer translation services in 150+ languages!

Interpretation Services 

Interpretation is our bread and butter. Having assisted in countless meetings, presentations and conferences, such as the G8, we can guarantee you with quick and accurate interpretations whether they are live or virtual.

Whether you need to communicate with a foreign business partner, attend an event (such as conferences or seminars) or have medical or legal appointments, we can help you.

Personal Translations

Cant find what you're looking for? Not a problem!

At Denise Beker Languages we focus on any assignment of any size. Whether it is assistance with a side project of yours, a personal endeavor or simply assistance communicating with others, we are here to help. 

Other Services


French and Spanish Tutoring

Spanish Classes 

& more


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